Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

Hello Again!

I miss writing the words, "Aloha Lovies" from Hawaii. Today, I'm back at home with my wonderful husband in Washington State, home of my two sons, daughter in loves, and all of the 4 legged grand-doggies and kitties. It's always great to return home after a trip, and especially nice after being away for two months in Kona, Hawaii. What a magnificent adventure it was!

Yesterday, we celebrated my husbands 57th birthday! He looks great and has wonderful genes that keep his grey hair contained to his facial hair with just a few silvers in his side burns. Other than that, his head is a natural golden brown color. Lucky guy! His body is tall and lean and he is loves to ride his motorcycle more than ever. Happy Birthday Baby!

I arrived home on Saturday morning at 8:30am on a red eye flight straight from Hawaii. My kids were all available so I made a souffle, pancakes and we gathered for the home coming event of 'Mama Kerner.' My sons went out to the shop and were dropping a motor into a Toyota truck that my youngest was building from the frame up. This is his 2nd since I left home in April. My family of men are all gear heads and they know intuitively what and how to do it. They are the happiest when they have something to take apart and put back together again.

Both of them worked a lot on their yards and they look great! Just in time for summer potlucks and grilling.

By 2pm I was sitting on the back of our Ultra Classic Harley playing with the stereo and excited that it was a perfectly sunny day in the Northwest. I had been reading Face Book entries while in Kona, and many folks were not too happy with the June rain. Today is a divine 78 degrees and no clouds in sight to dampen our spirits. We took the Highway 2 route to Leavenworth which is one of the most spectacular roads for scenery anywhere in the world. As we approached Leavenworth we were in awe at the gushing waterfalls above us to the right that were in full force. I hadn't ever seen them that big before. I give thanks for the rain and the beauty of the moment.

We enjoyed our time together hugging, kissing, caressing, and being with one another again. It was another mini miracle in motion. I had envisioned our reunion to be hot and loving. The right amount of 'Space' has a way of making a 32 year long relationship rekindle into a new, young and vibrant one. I love being and feeling in love with one man. It's soothing to my soul. I send out my thoughts of gratitude again for the perfect reunion with my beloveds.

When we built our log home, which the X-Files CD Rom game was filmed on location, my husband made a special mantel that read "Home Sweet Home." We both enjoy the feeling of being with our small family, all together again.

Ahhhhh........I am breathing into this 'sweet spot' in life because today, I am on the road again to Canada. Just a quickie trip to attend Karen McGregor's "Spiritual Writers Group." It's been one year since I joined her group and I am thrilled to be with our community of writers once again. I love, love, love being in our radiant community of women and wish it was closer. I've written two books since joining a year ago, and am going to publish them by the fall. Thank you Karen!

In deep gratitude for my loving family.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Being in the Spirit of Gratitude Creates Mini Miracles Everyday

Aloha Lovies~

I rent a new car every week over the internet because I get them for $10-12.00 a day before taxes. This week I found a super good deal for $9.00 a day and I can keep the car for the next 3 weeks without having to drive into the airport and exchange it for another one. Getting a good deal wherever I can makes my hubby and me very happy. I think that most of us enjoy getting a good deal.

This is my favorite car rental company out of the three I use. They saved my butt when I accidentally cancelled my reservation when I left home. I had a few reservations while searching for the lowest fare. Instead of cancelling the ones that I didn't want, I cancelled the one I actually needed for a good deal. It was a couple hundred dollar difference. It took an hour of work and help from the manager to straighten out my booking. I was so deeply grateful to them.

Today, a woman that I didn't know was assisting me. She told me that I cannot get a car with them unless I had a printed itinerary since I was using a debit card. I had cancelled my flight several weeks ago and hadn't rebooked it yet because I'm still not clear on my departure date.

She was shaking her head from side to side as if she was saying, "No way Jose." And what she actually said was, "We cannot allow you to take a car without written proof of your departing flight."

I looked over at Joanne, who had helped me when I was in my last pickle, and said, "Joanne knows me, please talk to her." I felt instant relief when Joanne confirmed that she did remember me. She said, "Your flight has been canceled and the airline doesn't know when they can get you on another flight, right?" I saw the game she was creating for me and jumped in to confirm the story. "Yes, that's right."

She then proceeded to rebook while saying, "I told you that you are supposed to live here, and so when are you moving to Hawaii?" This woman is very psychic indeed, and I said, "I'm working on it. I placed my order to be back here in Nov for the winter months. I love it here and it's a good place for me to work and create."

Just then I looked over to the man who was also working with me a few weeks ago on my reservation and said to Joanne, "I see that Kenny got a haircut and it looks good!" She hollered softly over to him, "Nancy said your hair looks good! She wants to know the name of the place so she can get one just like it!" He laughed and said, "Super Cheap Cuts! Tell them to use a number 1 on the sides and a number 2 on the top! It'll look great!" I understood the lingo for the clippers since I had two sons and a hubby who liked using clippers instead of paying someone else to cut their hair.

Joanne finished my booking and sent me outside in search of my new Beach Buggy. I saw Pua, a young girl who had helped me before and remembered that her name meant flower in Hawaiian. She too remembered me from my trip in January. She said they were all out of the economy cars so I chose the 'tourist white PT Cruiser.' As I walked around it I had this overwhelming feeling that the car wasn't safe. The tires looked a pretty worn and tired, and I just didn't feel that it would be a safe car for me to drive. I had no other information to go on, but I do my best to pay attention to the messages. So, I asked Pua helping me if I didn't feel safe in the car if I could bring it back in a day or two and get a different one. She said, "For Sure!" Then she said, "Can you drop this water bottle off to Whitney at the gate before you leave? She left it in one of the cars and it has her name on it." I said, "It'd be my pleasure!"

I load all of my stuff into the beach buggy and head off to the gate and notice that the transmission is slipping a bit. I am really not comfortable in this car. I might decide to drive around the island since I haven't done that yet on this trip, or up to see the stars from the observatory which is a long haul and you need a powerful motor. Once I took a small 4 cylinder up it and barely made it to the mid way point. There was no way it would make it to the top.
I handed Whitney her water bottle and you'd think she'd won the lottery with her lit up smile and joy. She said, "I've been looking for this all day long." Since I knew that this car wasn't going to be a keeper I decided to make sure that I could return it one more time. She said, "Absolutely! Did you want to try to get another economy car? We're all out of those. How about a convertible? Would you like one of those?"

I said, "Yes! That would be so much fun!" I'd had a convertible for several years and I really enjoyed it. Then I had a Harley Street Glide, and that was even more fun! So, the thought of having the top down with my hair flying in the wind would be a welcome experience. She wrote a note onto a card, "Whitney says Nancy is a Star." She handed it to me and said, "Come back tomorrow morning between 10-10:30am and I'll hook you up. I think my mouth was still hanging open as I drove out of the gate. I hadn't even asked for this, yet it will add great joy to my experience cruising with the top down. I love living in the Woo Woo!

I came back the next morning and checked in with Whitney, and she told me to check the car back in and tell them the brakes are bad. I said, "The transmission is starting to slip." She said, "Just tell them that when you check it in." It was the truth too. I drove up to the woman who also remembers me and she said, "No problem. Are you going to get an economy car? I said that Whitney was helping me with finding a car. I started to feel a little uncomfortable and didn't want Whitney to lose her job or anything like that.

As I'm walking over to flag her down and she was joyfully heading towards me. She pointed to three Ford Mustangs and asked me which one I wanted, white, red or black? I chose the black one. She told me that people want economy cars because they're cheaper of gas and they get upset when they have to upgrade to a standard car. We exchanged the information and I got into the car and started the engine. Vroom! It sounded like it was a V-8 which I hadn't driven in years. My next thought was, this could get expensive if I'm not conserving my gas. I vowed to drive conservatively and to make sure that I packed plenty of food in my soft cooler when I left the house.

I sned out thoughts and feeling of gratitude to the universe for offering me more fun and pleasure without my even asking for it this time! It would appear that evidence is all around me that I've declared to live in a deeper state of love and pleasure and I am experiencing its arrival. I have declared that I choose to sit out dances with pain, shame, guilt, and remorse. The contrast feels so good in my body.

When I got home I read an email response from my hubby to my request for taking some dance lessons with me if the moment presents itself. He said, "Yes!" We women just want to go out dancing with our lovers, and to put on a dress and to feel like we are a part of a fun social setting. My new friend Lily said, "I wish I'd meet a guy who likes to dance just as much as I do."

I find that women need a little romance so we tend to turn to romance novels, bars, and movies to find it. Dancing is something that most women love to do and yet give it up because of the icky bar scene. We need more public places to dance. I've just discovered another restaraunt from Maria that I hope to share with Sasha this weekend. Maria and I danced there on Saturday night to a trio band that played hot music like Santana. Yet the environment was more subdued and more comfortable. Yet, I still feel safe dancing with my girlfriends. It's not that I don't trust myself, because I do. It's just a lot more fun to dance with women that I know versus men that I don't know. I also don't want to project an image that I am single and lead anyone on. I like it that Maria likes to dance with me and we both feel safe.

More Desires and Intentions

Anita, my loving assistant and close friend, is very excited to fly over here from Oahu, and see Angelica Waters in concert and to attend her event. I suggested that she stay for at least a week and that we can go to two concerts during my last weekend on the island before returning home. I wasn't sure if she really wanted to come, but it turned out that she was concerned about the cost. She really wanted to attend all along and now that we are getting a two for one rate, she is 'in' and allowing the experience to unfold.

When I told Anita about the black Mustang she said, "That's one of my favorite cars and I love black!" I look forward to seeing her again since she's been living on Oahu since our last Pleasure In Paradise Retreat in January. We are pretty compatible and give each other some space when we need it. It'll be fun to end the trip with her since my beloved doesn't appear to be able to make it this time, and I'm ok with that because its easier to accept things as they come then to resist and reject. Besides, I've set my intentions and I know that I will be here this winter.

These are the last few weeks and the time will pass by very quickly! I am savoring the moments that I have in this Hawaiian Sanctuary that Ariel has given to me. She is such an Angel to me as I couldn't have stayed here this long without her help.

When I asked Ariel if Anita could stay with us for the same price that I am she said, "Yes! I just set up the bed in the spare room today! I put out the intention of having a bed ready in case I attract a part time roommate and now Anita's coming to stay!" Her desires and intentions were in action with the Woo Woo and now it's evidence has once again landed into the realm that we call reality.

I believe that the unseen world of life is just as real as the visible world.
Thank you Spirit!
In love, miracles and pleasure,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rock and Rolling in the Woo Woo!!

Aloha Lovies~

I was a bit tired from my night out on the town dancing and socializing with my friends. And I was totally excited about the day because it was Sasha's day off and I was taking her to see Tye Lani beach for the very first time! I love the white sandy beach and how the sun will shine there when it's over cast or 'voggy' in Kona. Sasha had expressed her desire to sleep in today since it was her day off, so I did some writing in between my morning chores. I made a lunch to take to the beach and got all of my business tasks accomplished so that I could be free for the rest of the day and evening.

Up until now I haven't met a young woman with so much wisdom and light as Sasha has. I realize that she's on a journey and has much to learn about relationships with men. I trust that she'll attract the exact situations and experiences that are perfect for her. She is the most carefree, light hearted and responsible friend I have here who is not attached to a man. It feels like we are sorority sisters in the Woo Woo college of fun and pleasure!

I'm staying in the countryside about 30 minutes from Kona while Sasha is staying in Kona. I finally get the text that she is ready to play with me and I'm ready to go! She had what I call the early morning downloads from Spirit. It appears that between the hours of 3-7 am something in the universe is moving energy and it will wake up women in the Woo Woo to say, "Hey, you up? I wanna give you some enlightened thoughts about life and your purpose and projects." This tends to happen when the left brain is fast asleep and the download comes through like a movie being played out in a Steven Spielberg film. I do what I can to capture everything that's trying to come through. Sometimes when I am really tired, and the download starts coming, all I can do is observe it hoping that I can recall the wisdom later. When I'm really tired and the movie begins I cannot contain it before drifting off to sleep and its lost in the ether's until I am alert and open to receiving it again. I do like it when I have my computer next to my bed and I can jot down a few words to trigger my memory for a later recall of the download. I didn't do that a couple of days ago when the download came calling and I lost much of it, but did manage to recall a part of it's essence.

Whatever we choose to call it; When the Gods come Calling; Intuition; Source; The Witching Hours; Menopause; or just a rambling slew of words and visions it's profound wisdom and I prefer to scribe it into my writings. After all, that's why I am being called to write isn't it? To capture "the downloads" - experiences and wisdom? It's what I'm to be co-creating in the here and now, and I better be ready for it. I breathe in trust and exhale anything less than loving thoughts about this amazing gift that I have called up. Many women have the gift, if not all, yet we silence it with our nightly wine, alcohol, drugs, or sleeping aids. I have a prescription for Bio-Identical Progesterone that doesn't leave me drowsy, and I can still receive the downloads while getting a good rest at night. My friend gave me an over the counter mainstream sleep aid and it was too strong and I felt drowsy the entire next day. Part of being a writer means that I can allow myself the time and space to rise at 3:00 am to capture the downloads and then drift back to sleep after a few hours on my computer. During my stay in Hawaii I need less sleep. Sometimes I can enjoy a nap on the beach.

Sasha had fallen back to sleep from 7-11am. and was just now waking up after her early morning wake up call. She really wanted to sleep in and tried to quiet her busy little mind that wanted her to get up and get things done. She made herself a sandwich and I was on my way to her flat. After she hops into the Beach Buggy we venture off to find some sunshine after a quick stop for Chai Lattes at Starbucks. The beach is hard to find if you don't know it's there and I point out the landmarks and signs of what I believe to be one of her favorite moments in Hawaii. We turned the corner and are cruising along the winding road between two hilly landscapes when the view suddenly opens to a view of the Caribbean Turquoise Blue waters and I watch Sasha's face light up as she says, "Oh, it's so beautiful! I love it! Thank you!"

The parking lot was totally full, so I cast out my divine desire to park the Beach Buggie in the perfect space near the bathrooms. We came to the end of the row and there was nothing available so I turned around to retrace the same piece of road looking at the people who were leaving the beach and walking toward their cars. Someone with very little patience could start honking and yelling, yet everyone waited for several minutes while one person maneuvered their car out of the space. Since there were at least four cars in front of me I thought perhaps one of those cars was also looking at taking this perfect spot, but one by one the cars passed it by as they left the beach parking lot. It was another perfect moment and I gave thanks for the location because I had a lot several beach stuff to carry with me. Just call me the bag lady! Beach bag, chair, snorkel gear bag, food cooler, and beach mat. Sasha quickly assisted me in gathering up my bags with a big smile on her face. It was apparent that she was very happy to be here. Her joy made my heart expand a bit more, if that seemed possible!

We walked down the cement path to the lava rocks where we straddled them one by one onto the white sandy beach and we claimed our space. I mentioned that the good thing about coming here later in the day is that there is only one tree on the entire beach for shade, so unless you bring your pop up tent with us, that we'd get too much sun if we stayed all day without a break. It's now around 1 or 2pm and we have about 3-4 hours before we need to leave which is perfect.
We spent some time being in relationship, and I asked her about past relationship with her first love, and those who followed. She asked me about past relationships with my friends because I talked about them, and of course, my husband and sons who seem to come with the territory. Before I left the house, I had sauteed some extra large shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, which we enjoyed eating on the beach. Yummy!

What a beautiful vision Sasha and I were co-creating to be in Hawaii at the same moment in time. We started talking about the upcoming Women's event that we're attending in just 3 weeks. Sasha is hoping to make enough money in tips to pay for her tuition which is about $1,000.00. I wanted to check in with her to see if she was committed to going or had she given up on the vision of going. So, I began the dialog of a few simple, yet significant questions.

"Do you want to be there?" She quickly responded to my question with a definite, "Yes!" I took that as a clue that she was ready to pass through the first gate. Here comes the next question, "What do you need in order to be there?" She said, "A miracle!" I nodded my head in agreement, "Great!' She had just said the most significant thing that a woman could say when being quizzed by her Fairy Godmother, or at least I felt like I was, "Now that you've asked for it, the universe can get to work on it behind the scenes. Stay open and watch for signs and clues that will lead you to the next messenger, or experience that will give you everything you need to be there." She agreed and knows how to play this game well. After all, just look at where she's living now?! Not bad for a 25 year old meta physical student.

I snorkeled along the left side of the lava where it isn't a white sand beach, but it is a volcanic reef, and I soon discovered another unique footprint beneath the sea in what I call my 'underwater world of bliss.' The lava spilled out from the shoreline down into the water in ripples and layers. The once black lava was now a whitish color with sand gracing the rocks for the back ground, and was a host to the purple corals that seemed to stand out like a beautiful flower in a garden. The fish were the brightest color of yellow with navy blue stripes. The sea urchins were in all shapes, sizes and colors that looked majestic with their sharp spikes perfect in every way. They were the most radiant red, blacks, and brown tones.

I saw one fish that stunned me to the point of needing to stop and find a word to describe her colorful printed pattern. The only thing I could come up with for this fish was the Peter Max art from the 1970's. It was as if the psychedelic colors were transferred onto this delightful fish. My goodness this is so magnificent, and once again the thought that I need an underwater camera passes by. I'm getting a glimpse of why artists of all varieties live here. It's absolutely stunning and there is no way one could experience all that this island has to offer in a week or two. My heart is wide open in the love and safety of this underwater world that not very many people will ever get a glimpse of. Grateful is all I can think. I feel so deeply grateful to see all of these vibrant fish, lava, sand and coral. I can never tire of the feeling that get from being being under water swimming in warm temperatures. I could stay in here for hours, like a babe who doesn't want to leave the womb. Now if I just had a little boat with an anchor.

After swimming in the water, romping in the waves and snorkeling we decide that it's time to prepare for our big night out to go see the all girl band, Hot Lava. They are a trio who wore matching outfits and one even put on an Afro wig that must have gone out 8 inches in all directions. They sing great classic rock songs from the 1970's, 80's, and 90's. As usual, it was a fun time at Huggo's on the beach. The waves were lapping up against the beach side lava rocks, tiki torches burning, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. It was the perfect ending of a great beach day. I'm sure to sleep very good tonight. More gratitude's.

The next day I came back to Kona for my favorite band to play music at a free concert which was starting about 5:30pm. I wanted to give Sasha an opportunity to see this band live because she wanted to get voice lessons from the lead singer who we've met several times at the women's events we'd attended. The band was a bit late getting started because they were waiting for another one to finish up, and they still needed to set up their equipment. Sasha had asked me the night before if they were really good and worth coming out to see. I said, "Yes! You've got to see them as it's a gift from God for us to be here watching them play. Angelica is the lead guitarist, and she has fans all over the world! She write top selling spiritual books, card decks, and events and her fans would LOVE to be where we are watching them. And yet, they're still a bit of a secret to the island folks who've never heard of them by name. However, if you were to tell them that Angelica Waters was playing the electric guitar in a band, then people would say, "Really? She's in the band? I want to see her play!"

I'm having a feeling and a thought that I ought to head over to pick up Sasha right when she gets off work to make sure that she has an opportunity to see the band play. I decide to follow the voice and head several miles to the beachfront resort where she works. This place is so beautiful with white pillars in the open air lobby on top of marble flooring. Soft over sized chairs were waiting for me to sit in as I searched for Sasha in her Hawaiian print uniform. I see her hair up in a bun with a local flower behind her ear. A flower placed over the left ear means you're married or taken, and one placed over your right ear means that you're single. Some women who don't have a commitment ring, like me, hope that by wearing a flower in her hair on the appropriate side will let everyone know she is in a relationship.
I check to see which ear she has it behind but my thought was interrupted as I see a woman walking straight toward me. She was our server when I met my friends there. We exchanged smiles and I let her know that if she sees Sasha to please let her know I'm here to offer her a ride. She agrees and passes on the message to her. She is almost an hour overtime and is finally checking out with the bartenders who are busy pouring drinks. Sasha has to get in line for their approval before she can leave.

I decided to pass the time watching the most beautiful sunset from the comfort of an over stuffed easy chair while exchanging loving words with my beloved on the phone. I'm happy that I have this new android phone where I can check emails, text, and talk from almost anywhere I'm at.Technology is a wonderful tool and today, and it's working perfectly for me to feel close and connected to my beloved during this long absence. He turns on his motorcycle's stereo that's playing a familiar song that we both enjoy listening to when we ride. My body recognizes the sounds, and tingling sensations run through me like electrical currents while I enjoy the physical memories of our moments together when we're on our bikes. I ask him to give my love to his Sweet Ultra.

Sasha joins me after changing her clothes and we head for the car. She's hungry and wants to make sure that she can get some food at the concert which I assure her that she can. She responds with a smile, "This is good for me and I'm so happy that you picked me up so that I can go!" She said that she told her friends that I was her savior and she doesn't know what she'd do without me. I return with the powerful statement of, "It's my divine pleasure. You light up my heart too Sasha and I really enjoy our time together. You are an amazing young woman who is a mirror for my metaphysical/spiritual qualities that are rare."

When we arrive in the parking lot my body is once again feeling the physical memory through energetic pulses and sensations, otherwise known as vibes. This band is my new favorite and when Tina sings vocals from the songs of Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks and Bonnie Rait, well, I just feel great! Tina is about to sing one of her original songs, and now I can sing along knowing some of the words, and definitely to the rhythm and beat of the music. It's a great song and she is a hot little Goddess Rock Star!

My friend, Maria, is there and she gets up to dance with me as I'm not holding back from enjoying the jiggle, as my friend Lena would say! Sasha is smiling big time and moving her body while sitting in her chair. We heard about 40 minutes of their song list. They were gracious enough to do an encore song for us which made everyone happy.

After they finished I went up to say hello and to thank them for playing for us. I went straight to Tina and said, "This is like foreplay and I leave feeling like I didn't get enough!" She said, "I know it's like that for me too! I want to keep singing and take the party higher!" Then I said thank you to our famous author/rock star, Angelica, and told her I looked forward to coming to the event in a few weeks. She replied with, "Oh, you are going to have so much fun!" Then her manager came over and I introduced her to my friends, Sasha and Maria. She is a lovely woman who I enjoy talking to at the concerts and events that Angelica plays and speaks at.

I'm just starting to get to know Ruby, her manager a little bit more from events like these, and she came over to talk to us. I informed her about our plans to be at Angelica's Play Shop, and that perhaps Maria would like to come too. Ruby asked us if we were signed up yet, and I said, "No, we are going to sign up on my friends web site because she is a part of your affiliate program." She said that she didn't know about any of that. She quickly motioned for Sasha and I to walk over and speak with her privately. She said, "Here is my card and I want to give you a Kamini rate since you're living here, which si half of the regular price." I wanted to jump up and down and then looked at Sasha's face and said, "Miracle!!"

I thanked Ruby profusely and told her how much I loved her and how we truly appreciated this loving gift and we both gratefully accept it. I think Sasha was completely floored by it all. She was still so happy just seeing Tina sing! After all, her vision and big dream is to be a singer in a rock and roll band. I had suggested to her that she offer to volunteer to set up for the band whenever and wherever she could to stay a part of the synergy of it all. I would!!! Can you say, Groupies?!!

Angelica came over and told Sasha that she wanted to put fairy wings on her. We were beaming at Angelica as she wore her blue satin mini skirt and showed us her very sexy long legs in high heels! When I looked up her age on Google, I was surprised to learn that she was only a year older than me and she looks really hot! She just published a book with her friend on raw food and she looks better than ever. She can write a book on anything and it would sell! She is a golden girl author and I dream of being published by her publisher as they are my top pick and I have them written in my vision!

On the way back to Sasha's place we are still in shock and amazement at the unfolding gift from the Woo Woo! Sasha and I are both extremely grateful to the Source that sent us our desires. We gratefully accept this gift.

In love and extreme gratitude for the gift of life, love and co-creating miracles,


Sunday, May 16, 2010

All We Need Is Love and a Little Dancing !!!

Aloha Lovies~

Last night was so much fun! I am feeling such delight as I recall the sequence of events that transpired while taking yet another Joyful Ride while living in the Woo Woo!

Sasha wasn't going to get off until about 6pm and I let her know that she could text me and I'd pick her up if she wanted to 'play.' I accepted an invitation from an old friend of mine that I bumped into on the island. She was with her new beau and another couple who I'd had the pleasure of meeting earlier today at a dinner party. We all wanted to keep the party going, and Lily suggested a place where they go salsa dancing. Up until now, I hadn't ever tried Salsa dancing and thought, "If you say this is fun, then I'll trust in the moment and I'm in!"

When we arrived I recognized the restaurant next door as being the one that my husband and I ate at when we were here about 16 years ago! I'd been keeping my eyes open for it to see if it was still there. Note to self, when my beloved breaks free from his work commitments, then we can check it out.

I am not one who goes out to the bars, but I do love to dance! My lover doesn't dance, so my partners are usually my sista's! This was no different, and Lily quickly showed me how to do the basic steps for Salsa by counting. It seemed so simple, yet the counting kept me in my head. Oh well, no wrries because I didn't see myself getting out on that dance floor tonight and I would be perfectly happy just to watch for now.

One by one people started showing up dressed up and looking mighty fine in their dance shoes and outfits. The men were looking a lot like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever -the women had mini-skirts, dresses, and shorts on. They looked hot! What a great looking group of men and women.

As Lily and I sat talking she spotted a man whom she'd danced with in the past, a silver haired guy with a white shirt. White dress shirts for the men seemed to be the most popular color, and I would later find out why. Lily told me that if Silver Fox asked me to dance then to follow his lead. I turned to her and said, "Lily, I'm not dancing, I don't know how to do the salsa and I'm enjoying watching all of these hot dancers spin around and shake their booties. Besides they look like professionals!"

I watched Lily dance with several men and she rocked! Her boyfriend, Ed, and I talked a lot about how hot and sweaty it was dancing outside in the open air cocktail lounge of humid Hawaii. The men were dripping, yet they looked so good doing it.

If the law of attraction works like a charm, which I know that it does, then here it comes! Mr. Silver Fox had a black hat on and looked so dashing, and he was really tall. He stooped down next to Lily and picked up her hand. I thought, "Whew! He's going to take her out onto the floor and show me how it's done."

Just then he spoke to her, "Lily, do you mind if I take your friend out for a dance!"

"Oh, no thank you! I'm happy watching everyone." The words were coming out of my mouth, but they weren't landing in his ears, and he wasn't taking no for an answer. I heard the voice in my head say, "You asked for dancing, so get up and keep the dream in motion." I gave my worried little ego mind a massage because she wanted to stay safe and tight in a bud until I learned how to dancer a bit better. I know from experience that the quickest way to learn something new is to just do it! This feels like a real stretch for me! I am a married woman, out with friends for some conversation and fun and now I'm stumbling all over Mr. Silver Fox and I suck at the salsa!

He was very nice and polite he then released me from the next dance. He didn't speak, but he did manage to glide me around like a pro. I quickly return to the safety of my chair, picked up my phone to see if Sasha wanted to join us and she did! I scooped up my keys and trotted off to my Silver Malibu rental car, then drove over to pick her up from her studio which was only a couple of blocks away.

Sasha was in a very happy mood as she made the most in tips, in one shift, so far in her new job. And her feet didn't even hurt her tonight. I informed her of the $5.00 cover charge and she said, "No Problem!" I love being with No Problem Women! Then I asked her if she knew how to do the salsa and she said, "A little." Which I later learned meant, "Hell yes! And I'm quite good at it!"

We stopped off at the bar and Sasha bought her bottle of Corona because it's safer than the specialty beers which knock her on her butt. I like that she doesn't get drunk when we are out. She has one or two beers and that's about it. Nice. No drama with her at all and she's half my age. She stays away from the hard liquor too which I appreciate very much. She's pretty enlightened for only being 25, and is only 3 days younger than my youngest son. It's a joy and pleasure being with her because she is confident too.

As we make our way to the table I can feel the eyes staring at her, "A new girl in town!" Sasha is absolutely gorgeous with long naturally curly hair like a Mermaid. I can just hear the men's thoughts as we walk by them, "What an Angel!"

Instantly two men walk up and ask her to dance. She turns them both down and points to her beer. She asks me if it's rude to turn men down. My response is, "You get to choose who you share your essence with. Being selective of who you dance with is your choice to stay in your power. It's the same with men or women in that you get to choose who you will share your energy with!"

I thought we were going to be able to sit there for while and just watch, but Sasha has a built in radar for guys and just then a tall handsome man asked her for a dance, but he was well skilled in his asking. He probably told the other two guys to take notes as to how it's done. He reaches for her hand and said, "Come on. Let's go dance." As she started to point at her beer like she did with the other guys, he repeated himself, "Come on." She helplessly looked over at me, and then he looked at me and he said, "She cannot refuse me, No?" And I said, "It's her choice." Then she stood up and went out to show me how incredibly comfortable she is in her body while dancing the salsa. The only issue it appeared that she had was with her strapless Goddess top as she kept cinching it up after a twirl or a dip, which Johnnie did very well.

I walked over to the stairs that lead to the upper level of the outdoor dance club and introduced Sasha to Ed and Lily. We sat and chatted for a few minutes until Ed and Lily said their goodbyes. Ed had to get up early in the morning. It didn't take Johnnie a New York minute to slide in for another round of fun with Sasha before someone else tried to get a look at her Goddess eyes. Johnnie was not stupid and he loved to dance. He was in command on the dance floor and he loved Sasha's young independent spirit as she playfully let him lead for part of the time. She said that she's not very good at allowing men to lead. She is an out of the box young woman, and being on the dance floor was no different.

They came back later and were giggling about how Johnnie dipped her at the same time as another man dipped his partner and the girls heads just missed one another by a few of those curly locks! "That was so close!" was their comment! I suddenly felt like a mama lion and wondered what I would do if she got hurt and who should I call? Then I dismissed the thought and let it go back to where it came from as I waved it away with my invisible magic wand, which was simply, my hand.

Johnnie wanted me to dance with him and I declined his offer, first, because I suck and two, because the last time I danced I left the floor dripping with sweat and was shocked that it was so humid there. I didn't realize how humid it was until I tried to move around a bit. My forehead was like a wet pool of water. I looked around at everyone and realized why the women wear their hair up, with very little clothing on, and the men wear a white shirt with at least one more clean one in the car. Johnnie confessed to having two extra shirts in his car and I could see why. He was wet from head to his britches and he had long pants on with closed toe shoes! He had a towel close by to wipe his forehead. So did some of the other men.

He persisted with me until I agreed to stand at the upper level where the dance floor was safely tucked far away from my sensitive ego. Then he said something that woke me up. He said, "Don't bother counting like everyone else does. Simply stand there and allow the music to move through you and feel it." I knew exactly what he was talking about and he knew within two seconds of my swaying hips that I would be able to connect with this wonderful dance that he adored so much. He smiled really big and said, "Yes! That's it!" I said that my mama has rhythm and I can feel the beat. Moving my hips comes natural to me, always has. I love to dance!

Next he added the steps and I slowly felt the confidence to try a spin. I was surprise that spinning made me dizzy. Yet, after much practice and several bystanders popping up for some personal lessons from Johnnie in our little group, I made three turns in a row! Then I felt dizzy again and sat down into the safe zone of my phone and checked messages. I wanted to find out how our new retreat web site was coming along. It was nice to be able to do business while dancing and watching everyone there having so much fun! Sasha was having a blast and she made sure to keep Johnnie in check by not giving him her number yet.

Meanwhile I asked Roberta, who was a part of our little group, if Johnnie was a good guy and she said that he was. She was also 25 and moved to the Big Island of Love several years ago so she was now a local. I informed her that Sasha was new to the island and asked if there was anyone she ought to be concerned about. She thought for a moment and then answered, "No. There was a guy, but the men spoke with him and now he's behaving."

I had a wave of familiarity run through me as I remembered the community of men and women that we had back home many years before. The men would teach one another how to treat women and how to take care of their responsibilities while the women taught each other how to do the same while learning with the women. It's a very cool thing to be a part of. I felt the mama lion within me ease up her concern and know that Sasha is safe. I heard that the DJ who spins the music knows everyone who comes in and makes sure that the women feel safe to dance there.

I'm thrilled about this new club and can't wait to share it with the next group of women that will join us in Jan. What a fun night! I felt a bit out of place when I stepped into the bar portion of the club. But the dancing is what I love most. Booze has a way of making people relax and catch a happy buzz. As the night moves on people begin to slur their words, get tired, and lose the once radiant glow. Then they just need a place to rest their tired bones. Sasha had the glow all night and we both felt so good at the end that we were still buzzing from all of the fun energy of good music and dancing. We shared our gratitude's that we can keep the Goddess Alive through the party until the end of the night if that's our desire.

Moment of Truth: Its important to keep dancing and music alive in my life. I think that when I was in my 20's I started feeling the pressure of being married with kids was putting a damper on my inner diva's desire for dance. Say that three times! I like finding places to go that are comfortable for the non drinkers like myself who still want to have fun in total freedom. Married people need to be able to get out and listen to music with their friends with or without their spouses. Naturally, I want to stay married and would not want to compromise the foundation of trust that I have created with my beloved. Perhaps its time for me to ask him if he'd like to do this with me.

After I dropped Sasha off at her flat, make sure she's made it inside, I leave the town of Kona for my journey back to the country where the roosters will begin their 3am ritual of crowing until about 6am. They had a turkey chime in for a sing along yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoy this personal surround sound stereo system. Just before I drift off to sleep I recall a conversation with Ed saying that he has never swam with the dolphins before! I asked him if he'd like to go out on a boat swim and he said, "Most definitely! Yes!" Now we have 4-6 people who want to join us and we can have up to 14. It's comming up soon, so I'd better get my reservation in with the boat because my vision is to go out the day after the Catch Your Dreams playshop and share in the good fun with good friends who've never done it before! I better get my reservation in soon!

In love and dancing!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tye Lani Beach

Good Morning Lovies~

I find myself needing to deliberately take time out from writing to enjoy the beaches and activities that the island has to offer. Spending time in the water swimming is one of the best ways for me to enjoy the best of both worlds, communing with the ocean's underwater world with my snorkel gear, and expanding my wings to stretch and move energy through my body. I sit for way too many hours and need more energy movement, even while being here in beautiful Hawaii. It's truly heaven on earth.

I was so pleased that the market had my favorite local shrimp broken down into half the amount they usually offer as I can get enough for one person to enjoy for a week. I was waiting for my beloved to arrive before I went shopping again as we could pick out what we wanted together. Yet he's been detained with work and doesn't know when and if he will be able to break free.

I choose to stop off at Tye Lani beach even though it's cloudy. The air is still warm and so is the water. Since its late afternoon people are actually packing up and leaving which is great because I love to be alone. I'm starting to get used to going to places by myself now. I quite welcome it, even though I think of my loved ones quite often.

I set up my chair, beach mat, and snorkel gear then head to the water's edge to survey the waves. It's amazing to see the beach without dozens of the whales in the water slapping their tales like they did in January. I could count off every 14 seconds something would take place with either a slap of a tail, or a breaching whale that would sail into the air and then make a big splash as they landed back onto the hard surface of the water again. The sound of a whale tail slapping the water can be heard echoing across the ocean. They migrate here from the northern waters to mate, give birth to their babies and to enjoy the warm island waters. Even the whales know what feels best to their spirits and that means leaving the cold dark days for sunny warmer ones. :) It's absolutely the most incredible site and sound to experience. This January I will be back to host another Pleasure in Paradise Retreat.

The tide has taken the water out further then I've seen it at this beach over the past few trips. There's a lot more sand on the beach today and I like it! The beaches here are always changing which is similar to a woman's constant change as we ebb and flow with life. Looks like I will be able to see pretty good with my mask on. There are some couples kissing and loving each other up. A dad and his daughter build a sand castle while the mother sits in her chair smoking her cigarettes and sipping on her bottle of beer and tequila. I remember the last time I took shots of tequila and totaled our VW bug. This isn't a warm and fuzzy feeling or memory so I grab my gear and get into the water.

Ahh, this is what I live for! The warm soft silky water of the mother caressing and holding me in her bosom of love. I feel so light and free as I take a deep breath and dive underneath the water to see what I might find there. I swim towards the lava laden point where I know I'll find some interesting fish and maybe a turtle or something new to me. The sea floor has a beautiful white sandy bottom that feels so good to look at. It feels like I'm in a movie. Pure bliss! As I get closer to the lava, I see big boulders of lava that look completely out of place. They're about 15 feet in diameter and have unique formations and sizes that are like footprints in the sea.

They have different colors and varieties of corals that appear to be illuminated from within. Sea Urchins have claimed these volcanic pieces of rocks to be their home and they look like they've been there for a long time from their size. The rocks have unique colors from the sea life that's growing on them. I think of all the living organisms as a color chart of browns, reds, yellow, and gold glistening and alive.

I dive down for a closer look and am surprised to see a large eel poking his head out from the puka in the rock. I think I startled him because he slid back in quickly. Then I realized that it's like looking at the head of a 4 inch wide snake and decide to let him be. I'm not sure if they become aggressive and territorial about their caves or not, but decide to find something else to look at.

Then I am startled by some large tropical fish that are about 2 feet long! They're almost translucent with hints of blue on them so they can blend in with the sand carpeting with ease. As I get closer to the lava point the water become murky and a bit colder, so I quickly decide to stay in the experience of pleasure and head back to this underwater sanctuary of beauty and bliss. I am in such awe and gratitude for the beauty of mother earth once again. Alone, in the ocean, but surrounded by sea critters and friends.

When I come out of the water I am slow to stand up and to find my land legs again. I notice that my skin has a brown tone to it against the white sandy beach. I like that color on me. It's what I desire my color to be all of the time. I pick up the lava lave that Anne bought me and lightly touch my face with it. My eye catches the pair of beaded bracelets sitting on my beach mat that I made at the PIP Retreat in Jan. The first bracelet has soft pink beads with the word 'Inspire' on it. The other is the same kind of beads but more of a rose color with the word 'Pleasure' on it.

Inspire Pleasure. That's my purpose in working with women. Over the last two decades as I've grown and expanded myself into the woman I am today, I realize that living a life of pleasure and joy takes practice and commitment on a daily basis. It doesn't take any more energy to focus on feeling good and positive and experience the good that life has to offer me no matter where I'm at. It actually takes less energy and creates more life force within me when I do take the time to focus on what brings me more pleasure today. In homeopathic medicine we know that 'like' attracts' 'like' and so we know this formula to be true in all areas of life. Who I spend our time and energy with will affect how I feel and what new experiences and opportunities I will discover along the path of life. Pleasure feels good to me. In this moment I've transcended all pain in my neck and body for the experience of a deeper bliss. Just me and Mother Nature communing as one.

The sun is just about to set and it has a Saturn look to it as two thin clouds form in front of it as if they actually wrap around the sun. It's gorgeous. I knew that even though the sky is cloudy, that when it's time for the sun to set, there is a gap on the horizon that allows us to witness the beauty of a brilliant sunset.

I am now the only person left standing on the beach while allowing the gentle tale end of the waves to lap up against my pretty painted toenails. This is the first time that I've been on this beach at sunset. It's a dream that I am once again feeling a part of co-creating the moment in. Can I just stay here? I want to keep my toes in the water and sand for a bit longer. I decided to do some editing on the hard copy of my book.

It's now dusk and I am thinking, this is so cool, but I had better start heading to my car now. Just then I heard a voice, not that voice, a man's voice and he says, "Excuse me ma'am, we need to lock up the gate now." Now I know why I was the only one left on the beach! I've read the sign that reads, 'Gate is locked up at dusk' - many times and I'd forgotten all about it. Thank goodness I was able to stay present in the moment and fully enjoy my experience without fretting about having to leave at a certain time. I quickly make my apologies and gather up my things to depart my beloved dream. I'm wondering if this is where I am going to bring Sonja on Friday for her day off for some beach time. She hasn't seen many beaches yet. When I get to my car I find a text from her saying that she'd love to go to the beach with me. Once again, we've co-created a new experience that we'll be sharing together. This is so much fun!

There was a message from my beloved letting me know that he wanted to say good night to me. His voice is so deep and gentle. I can feel his love coming through the phone and I press the number 8 to save it for later listening before I go to sleep. We are on a 3 hour time difference, so I won't be calling him back tonight. Sweet Dreams My Love.

In divine pleasure and deep bliss,


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Intuition 101

Aloha Lovies~

This blog is designed for Basic Intuition 101 education. If you've always wondered what the big deal about intuition was, but were afraid to ask, then you're in the right place! I can still recall being at a Holistic Health and Wellness event in Bellevue, Washington with my friend. She was telling me that the speaker that she had listened to in a break out room was totally off track as she described what her definition or intuition was. I didn't have a clue what this whole intuition thing was yet, and thought to myself, "What's she talking about?" The speaker was telling us how it entered the body and where it comes from. I made a decision in that moment to discover all that I could about intuition and the moment I opened that door, the books simply came to me with effortless ease. I made a decision and the universe acted like the great mirror that it is and handed me the information I needed. There is so much written about the topic and so I will do my best to use the K.I.S.S. method, or Keep It Simple Sweetie.

Intuition 101

What is intuition and where does it come from?

This is such a big question and the answer will vary on what you read, your spiritual beliefs and how much personal experience you've had with receiving the messages of intuition. Some people believe that it comes from God, The Source (Energy) Angels, the universe, the Goddesses, Guardian Angels, or Spirit Guides, or hundreds of other names to try and describe a name for what is beyond the body. There is no right or wrong answer, you can choose whatever you want to believe and that will work best for you.

In fact, that's the first lesson for our intuitive study today. YOU get to choose where it comes from as you read study and learn more. The unseen world is so full of magic and mystery that it's hard to know what is beyond our physical and emotional senses. Unless you are clairvoyant of course which leads us to the different kinds of intuition?

The Modalities of Receiving Intuition

1) Clairaudient ~ this is when you can actually hear the messages as if someone is talking to you with "The Voice" and it often scares people when they begin to actually hear the voice. Often people will pray for God's Will for them, and then when the voice comes in, they think that they are crazy and begin to shut it down. This happened to me. I felt compelled to tell my husband what was occurring for me since I was experimenting with the Woo Woo and was shocked and surprised when it met me at the door to open it.

Listen to whatever is happening around you. Tune in to hear the different tones, sounds and vibrations of your surroundings. Especially if you are looking for signs from the Angels or the great beyond, or God, whatever the name. If you have asked for a change or a shift in your life, then pay attention to your thoughts, words, music, birds, wind chimes, whatever sounds your hear. Nothing is by chance. You asked and now you are the receiver. You're not crazy, you're intuitive.

2) Clairsentient ~ this is when you can feel it in your body somewhere. You have a gut feeling, or you have truth bumps or angel bumps on the back of your neck, arms, legs or vaginal area. This is simply energy being sent through your body letting you know that you're on the right track. It's like a confirmation that the choice you're making either in alignment or off track depending on how your body feels.

Does your stomach hurt? Do you have diarrhea? Are you having a gut feeling that you ought to stop, turn around, go back, and take a different turn? Or do you feel that tingle and truth bumpy feeling that is telling you to keep thinking those thoughts or continue on with the decisions you're making. However, and wherever your body opens to receive intuition is totally OK. A Kundalini experience is when your crown chakra about your head seems to open and allow this direct beam of light filled energy which moves up and down your body like that machine in star trek that beams you into another place. Only this one really happens. Learn to trust the messages that are being sent to your body in the form of emotions and feelings. Make sure you listen to your body's messages and not to someone elses.

You can get clear on how your body feels and then ask someone who is open to this kind of conversation how their body feels in the moment. Most people don't trust this inner wisdom or inner guidance. Check in with others and learn to trust your own experience to guide and look after you.

Some women call truth bumps Angel Bumps because they believe that these are direct signs from the Angels. You decide, and when you feel different, then you have the power to change your mind, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs on the topic. That's what's so cool about being a woman. We can change our mind with ease and grace!

3) Clairvoyant ~ this is when you have clear vision or cl

ear seeing. Everyone has heard the words 'vision and dreams' and if you are clairvoyant, you will literally see visions from your inner mind's eye. People who are clairvoyant see movies being played out in their head. We can actually have dreams about events before they happen.

If this happens to you it can be a gift and a curse because it can be difficult to let someone know that the space shuttle is going to explode the day or week before it happens. Who would listen to you? Thank goodness we are living in a time and age in this moment where society is becoming more educated on the topic and detectives often hire people with such special gifts to help find a body, or a weapon, or to get evidence that will lock up the crook when they are guilty.

I had my first downloaded vision when I was 28 years old and only 6 months into my spiritual recovery program. I denied it on many levels, but never forgot the experience for a minute since it happened. I saw that I would be working with women around the world sharing information and wisdom that all women could benefit from.

Later, when I turned 40 I started having dreams that would turn to a life experience. My son told me that in North American Tribes, or First Nations, the spirits would send the dream about three days before to help you to prepare for it. That was about how many days in advance I would have the dreams before they'd show up. Again, if this happens to you, simply know that you are going to learn the art of allowing this wisdom to flow through you.

Sometimes your dreams become visions around your moon time. You have a direct line because your ego is sleeping. This is the sacred and divine feminine grace that every woman has within her. We are all called, and we are waking up to really listen. I love being on land with towering cedars and moon lodges and fire pits that allow us to tap into the earth for a deeper awareness and listening.

You can see visions and dreams at any moment of any day. Many women are given the gift in childhood, and others learn they have it only after they turn 40 or stop having periods because at that time, your blood isn't releasing eggs any more. She is now releasing wisdom, creative ideas and inspiration. That's the great thing about being 50 and fully conscious. We have a constant flow of intuitive ideas and can call upon it at any time we choose to. We simply need to have space to commune with the Source so that we can see, hear, feel and know the creative spark when it lands in front of us. Booze, dope and drugs silence it. So can toxic food and relationships. Teach your family how to honor you while you go 'within' for a deeper surrender and connect with your inner vision for clear seeing.

4) Claircognizant ~ this is when you simply have that 'all knowing feeling' that you know what you know. It may not be a feeling, sound, or vision. You simply know that either you're in alignment with your purpose, for example, or you aren't. I've had clients who may feel pretty clueless about their intuition until they came to my office. Then I would hear the same story with a different face telling it to me, "I don't know how I know this, but my husband is having an affair. I don't have any proof, but I know he is sleeping with someone else." Then she would come back within a short period of time and say, "I knew it! I told you! He left evidence out and when I called him on it, he lied!" Then she would go back and gather more evidence and say, "That's it. I'm not crazy. He said I am, but I'm not! Now, I can trust myself because he convinced me that I was going nuts."

This is so heartbreaking to watch women swing from being angry, hurt and betrayed to the feeling of hope and joy that she can actually trust her bodies wisdom, and that she is not crazy after all! Remember, when other people discount your intuitive gifts, it may have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with their personal experience, or lack of. Its important to find someone who will ask you questions such as, "How do you feel? What do you know? Is that the truth?" Then step back and listen to your all knowing feeling.

My husband thinks of his intuition as when he is leaving the house and feels like he is forgetting something, and just can't seem to recall what it is. Later he will notice that he left his lunch at home, or forgot to pick up a folder, or something else that was important to take with him. Just about everyone can identify with having that experience.

I learned to ask my body-higher mind questions in my late 30's.

As I was tuning in and turning up the volume within me, I started to ask my body-mind two questions; How does it feel to choose option A? Then I'd listen, watch, feel and observe. I'll write more about that later as it's quite a profound process and experience to open yourself to the Divine within you as a guide to your highest good. Or to be totally open to your higher purpose as you learn how to live in the spirit of service to others. Then I'd ask the next question, How does it feel to choose option B? You can save yourself a lot of heart ache and pain once you learn how to discern the wisdom within your body-mind.

People often makes comments such as, "If psychics are so good then why can't they pick the lottery numbers?" Well, I personally don't study what kind of people win the lottery. That could be a good study though! I do know that my husband and I watched a documentary where a woman won two separate million dollar scratch tickets and she said that she just knew that she would win. She was aligned with her clear knowing and with the action of playing the game. For her, there was no doubt in her mind. If you believe that something either is, or it isn't, then that is your belief.

Many of us do our best to live our lives with an open heart and say prayers like, "If this is going to benefit my purpose and my calling, then I'm open to receiving all of the good that comes to me in whatever form it chooses to take." If your highest calling is to NOT win the lottery, then psychics will understand why they aren't seeing the numbers clearly. However, if you have a dream about the numbers, then for heaves sakes, get your butt to the store and buy a ticket!

Listening to and acting upon your intuition is another topic. I can tell you many stories of when I heard the answer and ignored it. This can be a painful experience for you if you are attached to the outcome. However, it's a great lesson for you and your family to learn and discern, how to trust the person who has the strongest intuitive awareness in your tribe, home or family. Another topic is when your beloved doesn't listen to your intuition and how that experience can later turn into power.

We all have intuition. We simply need to pay closer attention to it when it comes. Keep an intuition journal. Write down your experiences and catalog which kind of intuitive you are. Many of us have at least one, maybe two, or more. I have all of them to some degree or another.

Don't quit before the miracle happens! You are the co-creator of your experience today!

In love and gratitude for YOU!